The Makery is offering a Toddler Art Series!

The Makery is excited to be able to offer a new six-session toddler art & sensory play class. The series meets weekly on Fridays from 10-10:45am from October 16 through November 20th. The class is $90. Introduce your child to new art experiences. We know it can be tricky providing your toddler with new and exciting hands-on arts activities at home. As busy parents, it can be a struggle to figure out ideas, and it’s not always fun to clean up a toddler’s art mess! We totally understand this, and that’s why we’ve created this toddler art class!

This class will focus on the process of art rather than making a product. The play time will be a chance for your child to express themselves creatively. There will be hands-on experimentation with different art mediums, colors, shapes, textures and forms. We’ll work off a loose theme each week and will curate the art space with 5 or 6 areas of different activities and experiments. Some activities will be really messy, and some will be more play-oriented that go along with the theme of the week. You and your child will move around to any activity that sparks interest. There will also be a very short circle time each session that will incorporate music, games or stories!

To register, please go to this link to fill out this registration form:​



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