We will see you in October!

Hey Friends!

The next Makery pop-up event will be in October.  Find us on Facebook for more information or check back here soon!

Meanwhile, we are always collecting donations…

big wishes: permanent venue in Columbia City, grant writer, folding tables and chairs, website designer, t-shirts….

ongoing donation wish list: buttons, old maps, keys, small boxes, paper, scissors, tools, glue, sharpies, pencils, fabric, collections, envelopes, tin cans, old books, wooden boxes, chop sticks, shells, metal bits, beads, old postcards, old photographs, art supplies, wall paper, wire, wood bits, thread, embroidery floss, chenille stems, small figurines, natural collections, bottle caps, corks, bins, letter stamps, old scrap booking materials, metal washers, small lamp frames, sea glass, old suitcases, and many other things to reuse and reclaim!

Keep in touch,


The Makery




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